Leadership Team Development

This program represents the heart of our work. It is a challenging, high impact, experiential learning process designed to generate a genuine turning point in a leadership team’s effectiveness. It occurs in three stages:

  1. Leadership Team Assessment
  2. Custom designed 5-day offsite, residential workshop
  3. Action Plan Follow-up and Coaching

The process begins with interviews and a 360° leadership effectiveness assessment for all members of the team. We use a tool called “ACUMEN® Leadership WorkStyles™by Human Synergistics Inc. — a multi-rater development assessment tool that measures the thinking styles that shape a leader’s ability to lead and influence others constructively. It generates very personalized assessment of how their way of being and patterns of behavior shape their interactions and effectiveness with others. It includes a composite assessment of the team’s leadership effectiveness as a whole.

The 5-day offsite is challenging and highly engaging. It generates personal insights, a deep bond of trust, stronger listening and coaching skills, a personal action plan and a shared commitment to a set of team “Operating Principles”. The impact is a fundamental transformation in your team’s capacity to think, relate and work with others in ways that:

  • Liberate and focus creative human energy
  • Optimize your effectiveness as leaders
  • Deepen trust in your relationships
  • Strengthen your capacity to inspire others to excel