Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is a powerful collaboration designed to generate a breakthrough in a leader’s ability to realize his/her vision. It is a series of confidential, one-on-one coaching conversations designed to shift a person’s capacity to think, relate and work with others in more powerful, constructive and satisfying ways.

The process begins with a 360° leadership effectiveness assessment. We use a tool called “ACUMEN® Leadership WorkStyles™by Human Synergistics Inc.  It is a multi-rater development assessment tool that measures the thinking and behavioral styles that impact a leader’s ability to lead and influence others constructively. It generates highly personalized feedback on how a leader’s ways of being, acting and reacting to people and situations shape their effectiveness.

Together, we generate a clear picture of the unique strengths and challenges our client faces as a leader. This serves as the basis for developing a very focused personal action plan. We work with our client as they implement their plan to address real world challenges. The insights create a new foundation for more effective and satisfying ways of interacting with others as a leader.