Are You Ready To Transform Your Culture?

Culture transformation is complex and challenging. It means people may have to let go of old, familiar patterns of thinking, relating and working… and adopt new, more effective ways of being. It can be done. We’ve learned there are five fundamental conditions that must be present to transform any organization’s culture:

  1. Recognition that culture is critical to success.
  2. A real need to transform your organization’s capacity to perform.
  3. Leadership with vision and the courage to lead by example.
  4. A stable, “fired up” leadership team… on the bus, ready to go.
  5. The resources to invest in developing people, teams and culture.

Probably the most important condition is the “readiness” of the leadership team – their mindset and commitment is critical to the success of any cultural change effort. Our approach involves extensive leadership development and cross-functional team-building to create unity, alignment and a shared commitment to core principles such as: being open & honest, presuming trust, cooperating, being a role model, and embracing a spirit of personal accountability.