Our Core Beliefs

First, CULTURE… Culture is “what we believe” and “the way we do things”. It is like an engine. It drives an organization’s effectiveness and determines its long-term sustainability. It is shaped by what leaders stand for and how they show up in daily interactions.

Second, LEADERSHIP… Authentic leadership is a very natural and yet uniquely conscious WAY of BEING in the world; not a set way of DOING things. Authentic leaders exhibit self-awareness and serve as powerful role models for the values, character and principles that guide their daily interactions. It is who they ARE that makes a difference.

Third, TEAMWORK… the true measure of an effective team is the unique capacity to co-create… through actions, attitude and behavior in a way that liberates and focuses creative human energy to generate extraordinary results.


Five Principles That Guide our Work

  1. Authentic leadership is best learned through self-discovery, practice and lots of feedback.
  2. What it takes to become an authentic leader is essentially the same as what it takes to be a conscious, fully integrated human being.
  3. People support change that they help create.
  4. Real change is a process involving insight, learning and growth; not just an event.
  5. Transforming an organization’s culture requires a critical mass of people to consciously commit to more effective AND satisfying ways of thinking, relating and working together.