What is a “Turning Point”?

Our work is about creating conditions that lead to a distinct “Turning Point”. A turning point is a powerful event that marks a transition to a new and usually better stage in the life cycle of a person, team or organization. It signals a breakthrough… a transformation… a fundamental shift from being driven by circumstances to being driven by a unified commitment to a shared vision of the future.

The Leadership Challenge

Why do nearly 75% of all organizational “change” initiatives fall so short of expectations?

  • Misalignment on vision, values, mission?
  • Lack of talent? Wrong people in key roles?
  • Conflict on goals, roles, strategy?
  • Low trust? Guarded interactions?
  • Frequent breakdowns; constant “firefighting”?
  • Internal politics & blame games?
  • Competitive “silos”?
  • Slow decision-making? Weak execution?
  • Lack of accountability?
  • All of the above?

Research indicates the real source of failed “change” initiatives is inadequately addressing the powerful cultural forces that shape how people think, relate and work together. Our work transforms culture so it actively supports rather than hinders leadership’s intentions to improve performance. We start by asking 3 questions:

  1. What strengths must we preserve and build on?
  2. What weaknesses must we improve or change?
  3. What does not exist that we must create to be successful?