Developing Culture

We partner with our clients to accelerate the growth of their business by creating a high trust, fast-learning culture. This kind of culture is based on shared values and a commitment to simple, clear and effective ways of thinking, relating and working.

We offer a well-tested strategy, concrete methods, powerful tools and extensive experience implementing cultural change initiatives in younger organizations as well as mature multinational enterprises.

Developing Teams

Success in business depends on the quality of leadership, trust, openness and teamwork across the organization. We specialize in developing exceptionally strong teams… and it starts with the Leadership Team.

The outcome we seek is a transformation… a “Turning Point” in our client’s capacity to think, relate and work together effectively. Our aim is to expand the team’s ability to liberate and focus creative human energy to produce extraordinary results.


Developing Leaders

The success of any culture change initiative ultimately depends on leadership role modeling. As coaches, we think of leadership as a uniquely powerful Way of Being that liberates and focuses creative human energy.

Our job is to help our client build on their unique strengths and course correct on counter-productive tendencies. We are successful when they demonstrate a greater capacity to inspire people and teams around them to perform at higher levels.